Summary of Meeting on Wednesday, August 10, 2011

by Julie Sanderson, Secretary

The San Diego Silk Guild held its quarterly meeting on Wednesday, August 10, 2011 at the San Diego Art Department on Ray Street.


The members in attendance at the August meeting

Suzanne opened the meeting with a welcome to members and guests.  She introduced Doshi, a very accomplished silk artist and designer (  Doshi shared some Shibori techniques with us and passed around gorgeous samples of her work.

Julie Sanderson announced the results of the mail in ballots – unanimous approval by all members.  The elected officers are:

President           Suzanne Knight

Secretary           Julie Sanderson

Treasurer           Susie Sherwin

Web Mistress    Natasha Papousek

Susie Sherwin gave us her Treasurer’s Report.  She has opened a bank account in the Guild’s name, with a tax ID number and the current balance is $178.05.  All members of the Guild are also members of SPIN.

Suzanne presented two upcoming show/sale opportunities for our Silk Guild: “Tangled Up In Blue”  – date: TBA (possibly Fall 2012), at the SDAD, with live music provided by Suzanne’s husband’s band.

“San Diego Silk Guild Annual Holiday Sale” – date: Sat. November 12, 2011, 1p – 5p, at Rene Frank’s home – 6261 Via Regla, San Diego, CA 92122.

Suzanne showed us how to do a “Burn Test” to verify that a fabric is really silk.  The real silk burned to ash, while the synthetic felt like silk and looked like silk, but burned to a gooey mess.  She provided a handout with further information.

Suzanne also gave us a demonstration using Soy Wax and a handout listing six reasons why Soy Wax is a good choice as a resist on silk.  She also provided several tools for experimenting with soy wax application and everyone had a chance to play with them.

work in progress

A group soy wax project in progress

final result

The final result of the group soy wax project

Addie Chernus shared with us some examples of her current work.  Two beautiful pieces done without resist.  The silk was treated with Magic Sizing spray and then the dyes were mixed with vodka! Clean up is with water.  She also displayed a large breathtaking quilt and a marvelous painting based on a greatly enlarged print of one of her original paintings.

addie and her silk painting

Addie explains the techniques she used in this silk painting

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