Meeting on August 9, 2012

This meeting was called to organize the Tangled Up In Blue show which will open on August 17.

Committees Food.                                      Susie Sherwin..Renee Frank…Judy Stinton
Dressing the Models                                  Kaki, Suz Knight and Susie Sherwin
Rachael’s House Table                             Lori Morgan and Marjorie Pezzoli
Photography                                              Julie Sanderson and  Ursula Schroder
Advertising                                                EVERYONE
Move in for hung art: is MONDAY, Aug 13th  between 10 am and 10 pm at Art Department
YOU  Must fill out inventory sheet...see attachment
Move in for wearables and jewelry is Friday Aug 17th  after 12 noon.  Must fill out an inventory sheet (see attachment)
Your wearables will be there for THIS NIGHT ONLY.  Take them home with you.  Bring them back at for the closing event which is Sept 8th RAY AT NIGHT when we will have another fashion show and sale.  We didn’t talk much about this.  LOTS of traffic   at this event.  We won’t have food committee or Rachael’s House table  or advertising  or photography…but we will need to dress to models again….
4 Models have CONFIRMED  and possibly two more from Eveoke Dance Troupe. All ages, all ethnicities, all sizes, all DANCERS.  YEA!! Whoot!!!
Each model will have her rack that she is responsible for modeling…we will dress and undress and if not sold we will put in Gallery area for SALE.
Name tags will be available   wear them….
Bring business cards for the Guild Table….(Perhaps the same table as Rachael’s Table)
Still looking for the best location in the facility for the Band.  Drummer is bringing either soft sticks or brushes, and they know they need to be on the softer side of rock and roll…..They have been playing together for over 25 years…I think you will enjoy them.  Original music….  local boys (that’s what they like to be called  boys…hee hee) all on the South side of 50!!!!
This is going to be a great event, thanks to the efforts of everyone in our wonderful Silk Guild!
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