About the Members

The San Diego Silk Guild, a SPIN Chapter, formed in April 2007.

San Diego Silk Guild sisterhood

San Diego Silk Guild 2011

Double double toil and trouble, fire burn and caldron bubble. waiting for the pot to bloom


Addie Chernus

Addie Chernus

Addie Chernus

Founder of San Diego Silk Guild and PAST President (2007)

Addie’s silk art paintings employ Habotai silk as the canvas and professional silk dyes as the medium. Addie works out the painting in her mind along with questions of size, techniques and colors.

She always has a sketch book handy. The sketch is drawn on vellum using Plein Aire art, drawings and self taken photos. Silk is taped over the sketch and traced. A water-based gutta resist is applied to the silk to delineate form and create containment areas.

Addie paints in a watercolor manner employing lots of colors, in many layers, which mix on the silk. The dyed silk is steamed for 8 hours to set and enliven the colors.

Addie paints on silk with dyes because she loves color, design and the luscious feel ofsilk. The goal of her silk art is to add happiness to the lives of owners and viewers.

Carol Wilson

Carol Wilson and her Mother, Barbara Wittstock

Carol Wilson and her mother, Barbara Wittstock

Carol Wilson is a painter and photographer and award winning artist. In addition to being trained as a fine artist, Carol loves to design and create original works of art on wearable silk scarves.Each scarf is individually hand-painted on 100% silk. Regardless of the medium she’s working in, a consistent theme throughout her work is her striking use of color. Bold and bright, the works pulsate with energy. She has been an artist for many years and officially in business since 2002. She prides herself in providing customers with the best-quality products and personal service.

Carol shares her love of photography with her mother, Barbara Wittstock. Barbara carries a camera with her everywhere in order to capture the beauty around her. You can order Carol’s fantastic silk scarves and photographic greeting cards by both Carol & Barbara using the online catalog, or visit Carol at one of the art & wine festivals during the summer.

Jan Janas

Jan Janas has a degree in art education and has been teaching art to adults for 25 years. She is co-author of three art books on silk painting published by North Light Publishing Co. Janas’ artwork has been displayed in museums, in owned by corporations, collected by private individuals, and has been hung in many national and international juried art shows. Janas resides in Colorado and teaches art throughout the United States.

 Jennifer Takahashi


Jennifer Takahashi has been creating for almost her whole life, learning to sew when she was 5, selling her jewelry since junior high, learning to knit and paint in high school.  Jennifer is passionate about learning new creative modalities so that she can use the best materials to actualize her ideas.  Currently, Jennifer shares her jewelry and meditation stones in her Etsy shop, Palmsprout.  You can find her creative challenges in drawing, painting and crochet through her blog, Let it Sprout.

In her other life, you can find Jennifer teaching Kindergarten at a local charter school where she combines teaching various art media to children so that they can share their curiosity and understanding of our world, without being limited by their beginning writing skills.

Recently, Jennifer took a Shibori class with Ruth Eileen Dorn and loved the spontaneity and excitement of this art form so much that she took the course a second time!  Jennifer looks forward to combining her love of painting and love of the fluidity of silk in the coming year.

Jennifer is very excited to join the San Diego Silk Guild to be able to learn from and with these passionate and talented artists.  Jennifer is also a member of Silk Painters International.

Takahashi_shiboriflowpalmsprout-1  Takahashi_shiboripalmsproutatfaire



Judy Stinton is a textile artist with a studio in San Diego’s Spanish Village Art Center.  She produces hand dyed silk clothing, jewelry and accessories.  Her jewelry, which was featured in Sew News, has been described as colorful, flamboyant and elegant.  As an author, teacher, artist, color & image consultant and designer, Judy’s career integrates many facets of her love for textiles

Judy Stinton

Julie Sanderson

Julie ‘s web site Julie Sanderson

Diving as deep as 120 feet to explore old wrecks, beautiful fish and interesting creatures, Julie gathers images and inspiration. Then, using the shimmering surface of silk and vibrant colors of fiber reactive dyes in hand-dyed silk paintings, Julie connects her love of scuba diving, painting and God. For reference, Julie uses her husband’s radiant underwater photographs taken on their dive trips from the Caribbean to the Red Sea, to the South Pacific and Hawaii. She then weaves meaningful verses from the Bible into the painting to express her faith.

Silk is the newest medium Julie has been exploring. Her diverse work also includes landscapes and portraits in oil and pastel. Julie received an oil paint set and art lessons for her ninth birthday. She studied a traditional classical approach under Fred Gong, a renowned portrait painter from Washington D.C. Julie went on to receive a visual arts degree magna cum laude from UCSD.

Kaki Steward

Kaki Steward

Kaki Steward of Silkweeds Art is a professional silk painter based in Laguna Beach. She has work in international shows as well as on permanent exhibit at the Ratner Museum in Bethesda, Maryland.

Kaki is president of SPIN, and has been an active member of the board of directors since 2006.




Karen Dietz

Karen Dietz, PhD is a fiber artist living in San Diego, CA. She has been creating unique hand dyed and painted silk pieces since 2000 using a variety of techniques. Her passion is to bring beauty into the world. For over 25 years she has worked as a business consultant to both nonprofits and Fortune 500 firms, specializing in organizational narrative and business storytelling. As Karen continues with clients she is bringing her silks into her coaching, consulting, and facilitation work.


Batik Tree by Karen Dietz


My Mind at Work by Karen Dietz

Kira Carrillo Corser

Kira Corser

Kira Carillo Corser

Kira Carrillo Corser  is an award-winning nationally known artist with over 25 years of experience, including 8 years teaching at California State University Monterey Bay specializing in Community Arts. Kira has a Master of Fine Arts Degree from JFKU and a BS in Journalism from SDSU. Her silk paintings are often narrative or act as a voice for community issues, such as “Art is the Next Peace: Connecting Communities” where 120 students, from 3 California cities, have painted 8-foot-silks promoting nonviolence and peace. She is currently painting 10 foot silks with ocean creatures and video projections of underwater life for www.seachanges.org.

Her art has shown in major museums, including the Smithsonian, the National Steinbeck Center, the Center for Photographic Arts, and the Museum of Photographic Art. In addition, her collaborative exhibitions have shown in many state capitals, universities, the U.S. Senate and Congress Buildings in Washington DC. She recently worked at the Arts Council for Monterey County as Director of Arts and Education and is currently working as a consultant for First Night Monterey.

Kira’s artist statement:”My life goal is to make meaningful art more accessible, so half my art is collaborative and community based, while the other half of my art delights in metaphor and adventure. It’s like having the heart of nun and the soul of a sea captain!”

 Kira  has a Masters in Fine Art, mixes new media technologies with traditional arts (especially silk)  for local and national projects, and over 50 awards for her projects. Her silk paintings have shown in the National Steinbeck Center, the John F. Kennedy University Art Gallery in Berkeley, the Carter Center, and Atlanta City Hall Atrium.  Awards include the National Endowment for the Arts, California Arts Council, the James Irvine Foundation and others. www.kiracorser.com


HRD Kira speech

Lee Anne Davis


Zandra Rhodes and Lee Anne Davis

From a very young age, Lee Anne knew she wanted to be an artist and a clothing designer. She spent many summers in her early years at her maternal grandmother’s house, learning how to sew, bake and also taught herself how to draw. One of her favorite memories of those days sitting at the edge of her grandmother’s garden watching her tend to her flowers and vegetables while she painted pictures of dolls and animals with watercolors.

She loved creating and sewing clothes for her dolls, which blossomed into sewing for herself. Her favorite class in High School was Fashion Sewing which  led her to pursuing Fashion Design as her major in college.

Lee Anne acquired her BFA in Fashion Design from Virginia Commonwealth University. A few years later, she learned gutta painting from Michelle Morris in Richmond, VA-using Deka Silk dyes on cotton. She exhibited a collection of one-of-a kind painted wearables in the late 80’s at the Richmond Craft Show in Richmond, VA. the next year, Lee Anne moved to New Jersey to design dancewear for Capezio by day in NJ and by night, she studied Textile Design at Parsons the New School in NY .  She continued to paint fabrics, and also learned how to silk screen by hand. A few years later, she moved to Seattle, WA and worked in Product Development for Eddie Bauer, then to Portland, OR for Columbia Sportswear. In the mid 90’s, she moved down to San Diego to get married and started her business Absolute Lee Global Wear : a line of women’s lifestyle wear-that sold in boutiques all over the US  for 3 years.

When pregnant with her first child, she took a silk painting workshop from Zandra Rhodes and re-connected with silk painting again.  She also immersed myself into cloth doll making and quilting and joined IOLCC and SDCSG, where she met many other amazing artists and took many doll making and crafty workshops over the years.  As her children reached school age, she became involved in volunteering and  fundraising at their schools, and created some fundraiser quilts which were auctioned at the school galas. Later, she coordinated two wearable art fashion shows for the San Diego Creative Stitchery Guild and honored Bazaar del Mundo’s founder Diane Power with a retrospective show of past Bazaar del Mundo fashion show ensembles modeled by the SDCSG members.

Lee Anne has also taken classes from Susan Louise Moyer and Kira Corser. She finds San Diego and her silk sisters in the Guild inspire her to push her limits and expand her technical skills.

Serge Nepomnin

Serge Nepomnin was born in Moscow, Russia. His first introduction to silk painting happens nearly forty years ago at his first fine art school. After the school, he continued his artistic journey designing and producing dance costumes. However, he did not stop his education and went to the University of Fine Chemical Technology. He continued doing fashion design and dancing during his studies. After graduation, he received an invitation to dance at the professional touring dance theater, which logically led him to get another degree in Choreography from the Moscow Academy of Theater Arts.  In 1989 after a tour to the United States Serge and Svetlana (his former wife and dance partner) defected to the USA.

In America, Serge successfully continued his dance career and opened his design company specializing in Haute Couture and stage costumes for dance. During his career in the entertainment industry Serge had a chance to work as an art director, director, stage designer, lighting designer, choreographer, cinematographer, dancer and actor on stage, in film and video productions.

In 2016, after graduating from the Art Institute of CA OC, Serge received yet another degree – BS in Media Arts and Animation.

As an artist Serge explored and enjoyed many different medias: silk painting, color pencils, acrylic, digital painting, digital sculpting, digital texturing, glass mosaic, veneering, ceramics, and more.  However the final switch in favor of silk painting happened when his best friend Karen Fruchter-Ross introduced him to wonderful Olivia Batchelder.




Marjorie Pezzoli

Marjorie Pezzoli has a strong background is in graphics arts. She enjoys creating wearable art featuring hand painted silks.I love working with color and exploring patterns.  Each one of her silks is unique.

She starts off with white fabric and begin the dye work. It’s like painting on air! The colors are so fun to work with,  she keeps building up the patterns until she  feels they are complete.

To make the fabric color fast they are steam set for two to four hours.



Nadja Lancelot, Treasurer

Nadja Lancelot

Nadja Lancelot

Nadja Lancelot paints on fine silk using brilliant imported French dyes. She is dual French/American and she is inspired by France’s landscape as well as San Diego’s own natural beauty. Although she has painted her whole life, she discovered the magic of silk painting in college where she earned a Master’s Degree in Costume and Scenic design. Costuming naturally evolved into a study of fabric dying and Nadja was fascinated by the depth and feeling of color and texture that could be achieved in this medium. Having worked in theatre and film, Nadja has always maintained her own personal creative integrity by painting images inspired by the natural landscape surrounding her. She is a board member of Silk Painter’s International and of the San Diego Silk Guild. She was honored with the Master Silk Painter designation from SPIN and she loves to share her passion of painting on silk by teaching this magnificent art form. Nadja owns and operates her own art studio, Tum Tum Arts and you will find her on any given day creating, teaching and painting wherever the wind will whirl her!








Nancy Goldman

Nancy works    in    just    about    every    art    medium    with    watercolor    and    silk    painting    being    her    favorites.       She    took    a   one    day    workshop    in    silk    painting    in    2006    and    was    immediately    in    love    with    the    lustrous    fabrics    and    brilliant    dyes.

She    loves    bright    colors    and    graphic    designs    so    the    gutta    resist    lines    and    rich    dye    colors    are    perfect    for    her.            She    was    a    stained    glass    artisan    for    20    years    and    she    finds    that    silk    paintings    have    a    similar    look    with    the    colors    being    separated    by    linework    and    that    is    one    of    the    reasons    that    she    is    so    attracted    to    the    medium.

She    enjoys    experimenting    with    different    techniques    and    has    expanded    her    knowledge    of    silk    painting    by    trial    and    error    over    the    years.       Even    when    a    project    hasn’t    turned    out    as    she    planned,    there    are    lessons    learned    and    many    times,    the    results    are    better    than    the    original    plan.

Nancy creates    free    flowing    designs    on    silk    scarves    as    well    as    beautiful    framed    silk    artwork    using    gutta    resist    and    watercolor    techniques    for    more    detailed    designs.

Nancy Jaffe


Nancy Jaffe was educated at the Art Students League in New York City, as well as the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut, where she received her degree in Art History and Art Education.

When Nancy paired her fine art training with painting on silk, the results were very healing for her recovery from breast cancer.  She paints with the hope that her inspiration from Nature, along with the use of bright colors, send a hopeful message to others.

“When I paint with French Dyes on silk, I am reminded that I have the power to create something special in this world that will be happy, beautiful, and peaceful.  For me, silk painting is meditation, and the colors are the reflections of my inner soul.  This art form represents a new beginning and a new challenge.”

Nancy moved from San Diego to Palm Desert a few years ago, and finds the serene mountain/desert environment a new source of inspiration for her work. She shows her paintings and wearable art at various charity events in the Greater Palm Springs Area, and has had her framed silk art on exhibit at the Palm Springs Art Museum. 

 You can view her silk painted line on her website www.GossamerSilkDesigns.com


Natasha Papousek

Natasha Papousek

Natasha Papousek

As a professional freelance henna artist, I love to doodle — on people, paper, and lately I’ve started filling my henna cones with fabric paint and decorating t-shirts.


Henna doodles on silk

I began my silk journey in 2006 when I took a class on textiles for theater which included fabric embellishment of all kinds, including silk painting. I really loved the silk painting portion of the class, but after the semester was over, I had to pack everything up and accompany my husband on his sabbatical in Austin, TX. When we returned to San Diego 6 months later, we moved into a residence hall on campus and spent 3 years there. The box of silk painting supplies was forgotten in a storage container in Kearney Mesa…. until August 2010 when I was recovering from hip surgery. I rediscovered the box of supplies and started to explore silk painting again. Now I can’t get enough! The colors, the textures, the possibilities are endless — and each piece is a new adventure!


A Moroccan henna-inspired chiffon scarf by Natasha

Renee Frank

Unfortunately, our lovely Renee lost her battle with cancer in 2013. We have lost a dear friend, a creative artist, and a delightful person. She  moved to San Diego 26 years ago from South Africa with her husband in order to be near her grown children and her grandchildren.   Renee’s art remains fluid yet disciplined….exciting yet controlled…

Ruth Eileen Dorn

Ruth Eileen Dorn

Ruth Eileen Dorn is a multi-media artist who works with fiber, cloth, paper, plaster-gauze and discovered/recycled materials.  In 1980 Ruth Eileen earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Hawaii specializing in textile design and silk-screen printing.  After graduation she worked as a color mixer and director of design for Hontex Print, a silk-screen printing company. In 1977 she created her own silk screen business called Specific Prints.  Ruth Eileen sees art as a way to heal emotionally and surmount illness.  Consequently in 1993 she began The Mask Project in San Diego.  It is a series of classes in which adults make amask of their face, decorate it with a story from their life and make a meaningful piece of art.  Through the generosity of a private donor she was able to expand the program to teach cancer and HIV survivors.  The program later broadened to include school children who decorated pre-formed masks in a day long class and wrote stories about the characters they created.  Ruth Eileen’s masks, and those of her students’, have been featured in nine gallery shows around San Diego County.

In 2000 Ruth Eileen earned a specialized certificate in Expressive Art Therapy from UCSD. 

In addition to classes in her studio, Ruth Eileen has taught art classes for The Burn Institute, Glen Ivy Retreat Center, Self-Heal Women’s Retreat, The Goddess Studio, St. Madeleine Sophie Center, the Wellness Community, Being Alive, Strong Hearted Women’s Native American Coalition, as well as for numerous church retreats and summer camps.  She teaches mask-making and a variety of other art classes including print making, silk painting, and altered books.  Visit her websites at RuthEileenDorn.com or themaskproject.net     contact:  dornre@gmail.com  

Ruth Eileen lives in the Talmadge area of San Diego and works as a massage therapist at 2852 Adams Avenue in Normal Heights.



Sara Feldman

Sara Feldman

Sara Feldman

Sara Feldman was born in Mexico City and has lived in San Diego with her family for 16 years. Married to David for 32 years, they have three amazing children, Dalia, Isaac and Daniel, and a dog, Kika.

Since she was 2 years old she remembers herself with a crayon and glue in herhands. She graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago as a Graphic Designer.  She loves two things to do in  life: one is Art and the second one is working with children. She is an Art teacher and also has an arts & crafts studio at home, where she spends most of her time, doing silk painting, jewelry and fused glass, among other crafts. She also works as the coordinator for pre-schoolers in a youth program. Besides her passion for arts & crafts, she loves to go to the beach, walk with her dog, ride her bike and spend time with family and friends.


Suzanne Knight, President


At Club Med in Cancun, Mexico, 1981, I took a silk painting class, thinking it looked like an interesting alternative to another day of water skiing, sailing and laying around the pool in the sun. That was the awesome beginning of what was to be my rewarding and engaging life long hobby.

My membership and deep involvement in many organizations has enabled me to jury, judge and install art shows, chair international art exhibits, promote silk painting via street fairs and teach silk painting workshops to people of ages from six to ninety six. Teaching and dyeing/painting scarves, neckties, ruanas, pareaus, room dividers, curtains, stuffed animals, boxer shorts and producing wall art has been my passion for the past 34 years and will be my passion for the next 34 years.

The list of fun things to do with silk painting continues to grow, especially in this newfangled computer age.  The silk painting groups with which I am involved via social media expose me to new silk painting ideas and techniques.  By sharing those brand new techniques ……presto …like magic….more new ideas evolve.

I believe that the fun of painting on silk is in the journey. My whimsical silk paintings and fun workshops reflects that attitude.






Javanese Wayang Kulit puppets

Inspired by Javanese Wayang Kulit Puppets


2014-10-19 12.50.08

Brecia Kralovic-Logan

Brecia Kralovic-Logan has had a love affair with silk for the past 2 decades. She studied silk production in Japan, raised her own silk worms and has had her silk garments on numerous runways across the nation. She loves working across various fiber techniques including natural dyeing, knitting, weaving, and collaging with silk. She has taught art workshops internationally and is the author of “The Spiral of Creativity- Mastering the Art of a Spirited Life”. Brecia is the Southern California rep for Surface Design Association and for the Global Art Project for Peace. She is also the Art Director for the Women’s Equity Council for the UNA-USA San Diego Chapter. 




Ursula Schroter

Ursula Schroter

Ursula Schroter graduated from the University of Essen, Germany with the subjects ‘Physical Education’ and ‘Arts with special emphasis on textile creation’ for teacher ship. She completed her teaching degree with a subsequent two year internship at various school types in Germany.

In 1987, she made first experiences with painting on silk. What started as an experiment became a long-term hobby. She has been creating fine art paintings as well as functional accessories like scarves, clothing, jewelry and home decorations or cards on various types of silk using a variety and combination of different techniques.

Since 1993 not only she has been an instructor for silk painting, but also has participated at exhibitions and in craft shows in various countries (Canada, California, Germany), and has sold her wearable art at retail stores.

Ursula has been an instructor for silk painting classes at the Community Center, San Marcos, from 2005 to 2008 and is currently teaching silk painting classes at her home in Escondido. She also offers private lessons.

Ursula is a member of the Carlsbad-Oceanside Art League and the Escondido Art Association since 2006, and a member of Silk Painters International (SPIN) since 2012.

She has received several awards for her paintings. Currently she is Co-Director of Award Shows at the Carlsbad-Oceanside Art League.

Ursula loves to experiment and to try new ideas on silk becauseof her fascination with the interaction between dyes and sensuous silk fabric. Most of her inspirations are drawn from natureand her environment. Her paintings include abstracts, landscapes and flowers as well as animals. Her business, Silk Dreams, features her lovely creations.